Steps to a Better and Clean America

“Go ‘Blue and Green ‘ not ‘Red and Green.’ After all our earth colors are indeed Blue and Green.”

What is step one you ask? Voting forPresident Obama for another four years.

Back in 2008, as a candidate, Obama pledged to create 5 million green jobs over 10 years by investing in renewable sources such as solar and wind power. According to the White House, He promoted alternatives to fossil fuels as a way to cut U.S. dependence on imported fuel. The 2009 economic-stimulus plan spent a record $90 billion on clean energy, creating 225,000 green jobs after one year.

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As of November 2010, the Obama administration’s policies have helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the clean energy industry.

On March 15, 2012, President Barack Obama stated that, “We can’t have an energy strategy for the last century that traps us in the past. We need an energy strategy for the future – an all-of-the-above strategy for the 21st century that develops every source of American-made energy.”

His top climate and energy aide said, that President Barack Obama’s effort to develop renewable power sources and persuade Congress to adopt a long-term energy policy will be priorities should he win a second term. He has taken a major step in investing in clean energy jobs, and more steps to improve the quality of our air and water.

Heather Zichal, Obama’s deputy assistant for energy and climate change, told reporters last week in Washington that the President will focus on the Clean-energy programs and efficiency if he’s re-elected in November. She also stated,“The big issue will remain engagement with Congress,” and “The president has talked continuously about the need for a long-term energy policy, and I think that will be something that he will obviously remain focused on in the second term.”

“Send me a bill that creates these jobs,” stated President Obama in his most recent State of the Union address which reiterated his commitment to lessening America’s dependence on foreign oil and investing in clean energy to protect our environment and create jobs. He has taken steps to move us toward energy independence and create an economy that’s built to last. Having and continues to be a strong supporter of domestic energy production, has made historic investments in clean energy technology, and has nearly doubled fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks. Because of the progress we’ve made, our dependence on foreign oil is the lowest it’s been in 16 years. Yet, conservative groups funded by big oil are spending millions trying to distort the President’s record.

President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at last weeks Democratic National ConventionThursday touched on several goals on the energy and environmental issues. The mention of an“all-of-the-above” energy strategy, definitely played favorites.

In addition, the presidents speech mentions his target clean coal, shale oil and gas as well as well bio-fuels and renewable energy. In fact, Obama told the crowd that green energy’s potential is the future and that the “corporate welfare” for the oil companies must be trimmed.

“We’re offering … a future where we keep investing in wind, solar and clean coal where farmers and scientists harness new biofuels to power our cars and trucks, where construction workers build homes and factories that waste less energy where we develop a hundred – year supply of natural gas that is right beneath our feet. If you choose this path we can cut our oil importing in half by 2020 and support more than 600,000 new jobs in natural gas alone …”

In Addition, Obama said that night, “We’ve opened millions of new acres for oil and gas exploration in the last three years, and we’ll open more, but unlike my opponent, I will not let oil companies write this country’s energy plan, or endanger our coastlines, or collect another $4 billion in corporate welfare from our taxpayers … We need to double-down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.”

The Administration’s continued support for natural gas and nuclear power as positive developments for all industry.

Obama’s plan targets three broad steps for our energy future:

1. Developing and securing America’s energy supplies,

2. Providing consumers with choices to reduce costs and save energy, and

3. Innovating our way to a clean energy future.

Obama’s focus is on developing appropriate environmental regulations so that oil and gas resources can be extracted safely.

Two examples:

1. “environmental regulations that permit the beneficial development of this [gas] resource.”


2. “working with local communities, state regulators, industry, and other Federal agencies to build a clean energy future by permitting environmentally responsible development of renewable energy on public lands.”

Last Wednesday, Bill Clinton remarkable speech during the Democratic National Conventionstated, that improvements in new drilling technologies are directly tied to the booms in oil and gas production here in the United States, or more specifically shale oil and gas that is a locked in rock formations. The two presidents have said previously that proper regulations would ensure that the fuels could be safely produced — and that it would never be a “drill-baby-drill” mentality. Both men also said this week that renewable energy production has doubled since Obama’s time in office.

Video: Watch President Clinton Deliver Nomination Address at the DNC

Obama’s additionally proposes to decrease America’s dependence on oil by focusing on alternate energy sources and efficiency.

President Obama is aligning himself with the green movement, pointing out that wind and solar projects have doubled in size since 2008. He is also emphasizing that his policies have lent way to more oil and gas production, although they have been tempered in the wake of BP’s disaster and now come with stricter drilling regulations. Nevertheless, to help wind and solar reach their potential, the president would pay for their tax breaks by ending some incentives given to oil and gas.

I am making a straightforward case for the reelection of President Obama, at least in terms of energy policy. I support the Presidents views on ‘Going Green,’ not just in America but in the world.

I myself have taken steps to following the Presidents views on ‘Going Green’ bring them into the entertainment industry. As part of Sustainability 2012, I recently lectured at Syracuse University back in April where I was the key note on greening the entertainment industry. I discussed sustainable initiatives in film, television and on Broadway, covering practices from energy to waste and beyond.

Syracuse University which is known to train a lot of students for careers in entertainment—be it film, music, drama, sports or TV and radio—and I provided them with this glimpse into the green future of entertainment. Rachel May, coordinator of sustainability education at Syracuse University says, “With his successful film career and his deep familiarity with the energy field, Mr. Saillant is an extraordinary resource for students from a wide variety of disciplines.”

I am proactive in conserving energy in the television and movie industries, pushing ideas forward and producing environmentally sound results. “The green initiative allows us to set a precedent to continue to produce high-quality productions with exacting standards, while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

In furthering my passion for greening the entertainment industry, I formed Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group, a production company that gives inspired filmmakers the chance to make their dreams into realities. Green Angel Productions, a subsidiary of Angel Light Pictures, is committed to demonstrating that the movie and television industries can be environmentally responsible, providing filmmakers with the tactics and strategies for greener productions.

“As a filmmaker, I feel it is my responsibility to continue the commitment to reduce the impact on climate change and the environment, and be on the forefront of sustainable business practices.”

Prior to Angel Light, I was an energy consultant for Con Edison, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, and various pharmacological companies for many years. I have combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hopes of contributing to a more sustainable future.

“My particular experience in engineering and business has helped me to develop a green transition easily.”

“planet earth is calling all of us”

“Go ‘Blue and Green ‘ not ‘Red and Green.’ After all our earth colors are indeed Blue and Green.”

2012 campaign for the presidency.

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About Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group

Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group has a vision and passion to creating energy efficiency in movies and television. As one of the most outspoken “green” professionals in New York City and Hollywood, I am proactive in the area of energy conservation and in helping television and movie industry colleagues push their initiatives forward with green outcomes, production and results. In my career, I have previously saved energy and dollars across industries for hospital systems and universities (Columbia and NYU), pharmaceuticals and major businesses in New York City and New Jersey, including Radio City Music Hall, the old Yankee Stadium, The Hebrew Home of the Age and The Jewish Home Lifecare in New York. In the past decade, I’ve combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hope of contributing to a green planet. With sustainable solutions for our planet, my Green Angel Company is committed to demonstrating that the movie and television industry can be responsible, using tactics and strategies for green energy. In my career, I have provided hundreds of clients with energy and sustainable solutions, regarding the perceptions, barriers and opportunities for energy efficiency and I will continue to do so. Saillant will be directing a documentary on The Legendary Canadian Hollywood Director, Ted Kotcheff.
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